Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kibaki (Kenya) + Bashir (n. Sudan) = OIL DEALS AND????

Bashir's Rep delivers message to Kibaki
Kenyan President, Mwai Kibaki, on Thursday assured Northern Sudan's President Omar al Bashir that the bilateral ties between the two countries will not be affected by cessation of Southern Sudan from the North.  

Kenya played a critical role in brokering the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA).  Of course this was an economically strategic move on the side of Kenya.  Sudan's oil is exported via Kenya's coastal ports bringing in much needed revenue. Kenya also has strong ties with the SPLM government and is looking to have lucrative bilateral ties with the South enabling a tapping into their oil revenues as well.

The hot issue on the table that Kenya needs resolved amicably by the two Sudans is the final deliberations on the outstanding issues of delineation of the North/South border and the agreed conclusion on sharing the oil and gas rich regions.

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