Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mr. Dabbashi - Libyan Women Matter!!!

Ibrahim Dabbashi

Ibrahim Dabbashi, Libya's former deputy ambassador to the UN, was on Charlie Ross on Thursday, March 31, 2011 representing the opposition and describing the elements of the opposition group against Gaddafi.  

The opposition is a single group, a Provincial National Council, made up of  civil technocrats, with representatives of the youth and military (rebels). This the group that is waiting in the helms for Gaddafi's regime to fall and they will take over as a transitional (Provincial) government. This is looking hopeful with the defections of top officials close to Gaddafi like Mr. Moussa Koussa - Libya's Foreign Minister - and the knowledge that there are those still within the government who are waiting for the right conditions before they can defect.

My concern is that Mr. Dabbashi did not make any mention of women being represented in the National Provincial Council. It seems that with this wave of change that is taking place in the Arab world, women are still being disenfranchised even though they are in the frontlines leading protests against their despotic rulers.  Egyptian women are back on the streets again, protesting this alienation and sidelining.

I think Mr. Dabbashi and his fellow "civil technocrats" need to address gender-mainstreaming now on the front-end instead of waiting until they have formed their new government to address the situation.

Women are the backbones of any economy in the world and male leaders need to recognize that they would gain much in raising the status of women and acknowledging them as a critical mass.

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