Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Women of Southern Sudan Still Standing

Official results of the referendum indicated a 98% voter turn out and reports indicate hat 52% of the voters were women. Women constitute about 60% of Southern Sudan's population. 

In the two decades of political struggle with the North, women endured abject poverty, illiteracy, violence and were not allowed to participate in political leadership. The rule of law was based on customary laws that were clearly biased against women.

Southern Sudan Woman with ethnic scarification markings
The new constitution provides the right of women to participate in public life, it stipulates the rights to equal pay for equal work and for women to own and inherit property. The constitution requires this new government to enact laws that prohibit harmful traditional practices and provide child-care and medical care for pregnant women.

The women fought for these rights. They were not afraid to raise their voices and be heard. They said Enough is Enough! Change has to come and it has come.

The honeymoon is over. The work has began. The women of Southern Sudan are still standing.

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