Monday, March 8, 2021


Celebrating the milestones women have made in every area of life. I salute ALL MOTHERS and particularly those with young children who have sacrificially given of every bit of their lives during this pandemic time. You have been mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend as well as your daily role as:

Executive manager - making decisions and choices that make life easier and better for the family;

Head teacher - in the age of remote learning she is not only making sure homework is done but is there to answer questions teachers would normally be answering, making sure required assignments are uploaded, monitoring that the children are actually present during zoom school;

House manger - making the house livable so cleaning, laundry, making meals;

P.E. instructor - getting the children outside safely so that they get the exercise they need, as well as making life also fun in a time of lockdown;

KUDOS to all mothers for the unconditional love, protection, wisdom and kisses you give even when you are taken for granted.

We also celebrate women who have made significant impact in our globe in economics, politics, environment, social changes. You are leaders of our time!

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