Thursday, February 10, 2011

Egyptians are fed up...

Enough is Enough!
Hosni Mubarak is determined to remain in office.  Egyptians are furious - will they be silenced once again and accept the transfer of power in September and not today?

Omar Suleiman, the Vice President, seems to have accepted the demands of Mubarak and not of the people. His call for people to go back home, go back to work, and not listen to foreign media and continue living life back to "normal". This call sounds so familiar - similar calls were made by another autocrat - one who oppressively ruled Kenya (neighbor to the south of Egypt) for 24 years and had refused to leave in the hope of passing an amendment to make him life President.

The Egyptians have rejected Suleimans call!!!! The crowds want one thing only - Mubarak to step down.  Anger is clearly visible. This is just the beginning of the end... like in Tunisia.

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