Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wind of change in Egypt - People Power!!!

It has been seventeen days of persistant protests and today we are seeing history in the making in Egypt. President Mubarak's future is being discussed behind closed doors and he will be making an announcement in a few hours.

This is being called the "winter revolution".  Euphoria is high!!  It seems that the Vice President Omar Suleiman will take over at least until a date is set for a democratic election.  

This is good news to Israel who have been watching the events unfold in silence but with great concern because the largest political opposition group in Egypt is the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the world's most influential Islamist movement and is not friendly towards Israel.

Israel prefers to have Suleiman replace Mubarak because he is friendly towards Israel and so will keep the peace treaty between the two countries active, The peace treaty was signed in 1979.

However, today it is about Egypt and its people. Will Mubarak step down????? No one knows... it is an uncertain time but we are watching a defining moment in history.

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