Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Child Brides - Consequences contd 2...

Child marriage has violent health effects on the young girls: 

Health Problems: Premature childbirth can lead to a variety of health problems for mothers, including fistula, a debilitating condition that causes chronic incontinence. Girls with fistula are often abandoned by their husbands and ostracized by society. There are approximately 2 million girls living with fistula, and 100,000 new cases every year.

HIV/AIDS: Married girls may be more likely to contract sexually transmitted disease, including HIV/AIDS, than unmarried girls. Young girls are more physically susceptible to STD's, have less access to reproductive education and health services and are often powerless to demand the use of contraception.

Girl bride
Young brides are:

More likely to become young mothers. Girls under the age of 15 are five times more likely to die of childbirth than a woman in her 20s.

More likely to drop out of school and have limited economic opportunities, which keeps them and their families locked in the cycle of poverty.

Twice as likely to suffer domestic violence and are more vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV.

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