Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Emerging Economies and Post American Supremacy


The USA is losing its dominance as a super power and issues are now being discussed within the context of post American supremacy. Brazil, Russia and China (BRAC) are the countries that are posing a real threat to the USA in terms of economic and even defense supremacy. Companies are establishing their businesses in these four and other emerging economies leaving America in wanting.

The USA will continue to be a power to reckon with in some areas but it is no longer the dominant power in the world.  This is the cycle of "supreme-power life", is it not? History is repeating itself. The United Kingdom ceased to be "Great Britain", Germany, in humbling defeat, let go of this title as well. So the USA is simply going through the scheduled timeline cycle. This economic upheaval was the blow sealing its fate.

The question remains, how are countries preparing themselves for this post American supremacy cycle that is now beginning - in particular countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia?

Watch this interview of Fareed Zakaria with Charlie Rose as he gives insight to what the world may look like in the near future, when America is no longer a super power.

Fareed Zakaria's interview with Charlie Rose

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