Friday, June 24, 2011


Satoshi Kanazawa
Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa caused an uproar last month when he published what he claimed to be a "scientific study" proving that women of African descent are less attractive than other women. The blog article in Psychology Today, May 15, 2011, was immediately removed with no explanation or apology from its editor-in-chief, Kaja Perina. Ms. Perina issued a statement one week later apologizing and taking responsibility for having the article on their magazine. The magazine later expanded on their apology saying that they would take steps to prevent similar content in the future and dismiss Kanazawa from his position. Though the post was removed from the site you can read it here.

Satoshi, an Evolutionary Biologist and professor at the London School of Economics, is well known for his controversial and offensive pseudoscientific shock-jockery. He, however, continues to teach at a respected university, was posting on the blog of a reputable mainstream publication and still serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Social, Evolutionary and Cultural Psychology.

Dr. Kanazawa's arrogance and overt bigotry was nurtured by these institutions that continued to give him a platform. This latest post pushed too far and there was a concerted outcry around the world expressed via the social networks and other media. Psychology Today removed the post late Sunday night and by Monday morning, May 16, 2011, the University of London Union Senate, the largest student organization in London (representing 120,000 students), unanimously called for Kanazawa's dismissal. The reasons stated for this call for dismissal include flawed research and unscientific bigotry.

I can give my own research-based reasons as to why this "study" is clearly not objective but I choose to counter Satoshi's bigoted theory with the following physically "subjective" photos of attractive women of African descent.

Attractiveness is subjective not objective!

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